FLM-SiteWhoever you may be: an engineer or a programmer, a physician or a worker, a teacher or an official,“Feel Like a Millionaire” packages give you and your friends a possibility to enjoy VIP service and feel like a successful top manager or a tycoon…

You always can get luxury package including accommodation at the superior hotels, high level spa & wellness service, horse riding, helicopter/balloon/yacht trips, bodyguards / model escort, cool motors or limousine transfers and much more with us. As long as your boss is resting on exotic islands, let’s join our tour and you will be involved to the world of richness and splendor by the adequate price.

SunCity Travel LLC offers you a new approach in the entertainment and travel sphere. We elaborated some kinds of packages for every age and social level:

silver-planSilver Package is for the cheerful and energetic, loving comfort and luxury. Cool motors and elite sports, authentic knight-show and a visit to the prestigious clubs and unique restaurants are waiting for you. The Package includes accommodation at the luxury hotel or apartment, transfers by a Business Class car and limousine, VIP spa & wellness, elite night clubs with a high flirt factor as well as buying clothes provided by the famous Ukrainian designers. Call friends at a stag party or just to spend an unforgettable time in Ukraine!

gold-planGold Package is created for people who want to feel themselves as socialites. Elite motors and clubs, prestigious restaurants and spa procedures, personal bodyguards, couturier and VIP shopping have included to our program. We offer accommodation at the four- or five star hotel, number of unique activities and events: the worldwide star concerts, FIFA/UEFA football events etc. Have a fun with your friends in the best and most prestigious sights of Ukraine!

platinum-planPlatinum Package is for the serious and respectable. You will be able to visit elite club and play golf, take a balloon trip and get a yacht dinner with candles and beautiful escort girls, taste a wine, play a military game and much more. We offer accommodation at the suites of the ultimate luxury hotels, service of VIP terminal at the airport, transfers by S Class Mercedes and limousine etc.  Feel yourself like an extremely VIP guest!

Since 2016 we provide packages in the best three Ukrainian destinations: Kyiv, Lviv and Odessa. In the nearest future we will offer packages not only in Ukraine, but in Georgia, Lithuania and Estonia as well.

Our Packages:

Schedule of the FLM Packages ‘ 2017 HERE

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